Dear Friends,

Twelve years ago you honored me with election to the Minnesota Senate. Since that time I have strived to represent you with integrity, with dignity and with  results. I have demonstated time again that I am able to work together with all Senators regardless of political party or philosophical differences, to achieve success on many important initiatives for our area and all of Southeastern Minnesota.

I have never forgotten that my sole purpose in serving is to ensure that you are ably represented and that we move Minnesota forward in a strong and progressive fashion. Know that if re-elected I will always be there for you ready to listen, and ready to act on your behalf. Know also that if re-elected you will always get my very best. You deserve no less from your Senator.

It is with deep sense of personal commitment and a sincere desire to continue to as your Minnesota State Senator that I ask for your vote on November 6th.                                        

Yours in good government,                                                                                                   

Senator Dave Senjem                                                                                                





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